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Great Oaks Farm
Royden Lane
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Tel: 01590 674944 or
Mob: 0793 904 3718

Welcome to Paul Tanner's Great Oaks Farm

Paul prides himself on producing quality free range bronze turkeys full of wholesome flavour perfect for the Christmas table. He also produces quality free range geese and chicken. Barn reared white turkeys are also freely available.

Paul Tanner bronze turkeyPaul's farm nestles in the heart of the village of Boldre in the Lymington river valley. He has been producing poultry for more than 30 years. By supportiing Paul and his family you will ensure you are getting authentic New Forest fare of the highest quality and you are also helping to support the traditional country ways in this unique and special landscape.

All turkeys are traditional slow growing strains which take longer to mature to get the maximum flavour. All poultry is dry plucked and hung for a minimum of 10 days in a refrigerated barn to develop tender meat with a full wholesome flavour.

We endeavour to offer the highest possible service at all times, and look forward to receiving your order.

This business has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Retail 2021 Price List

Bronze Turkeys


Heavy Cockerels

White Turkeys


A variety of stuffings, chipolatas, bacon (smoked and unsmoked) and gammons (uncooked) are avalible for pre-order, just ask

How much do I need

As a rough guide allow 1/2Kg per person.

How should I cook them

The NHS give guidelines Here
Of course more interesting recipes can be found as examples click on the bird of your choice; Turkey ,Goose ,or Chicken.

Festive Christmas Boxes

We can supply your tukey pre-packed in a Festive Christmas box at a small extra cost of £2.25 each.

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Mob: 0793 904 3718
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